It's effect mechanism is based on the changes in the chemical processes of concrete bonding which we examined on the level of physics (elemental level). Here we experienced that water is unable to convey to reach the necessary energy for the elemental balance (100% micro Chrystal structure). This missing energy is conveyed by the Oxydtron mineral admixture which results the increased of micro crystals. The components of Oxydtron in the presents of water have an effect on the structure of old concrete and other pore structured mineral building materials used in the building industry triggering secondary crystallizing processes.




The result of secondary crystallizing a new insoluble or hardly soluble micro Christal's appears, which fill up the capillaries, macro pores and cracks. The free limestone and water inside the concrete becomes a not soluble solid Chrystal like material. At the end of the process the diameter of the pores decreases under: 10 on the -7mm and the structure of the concrete changes.



Normal concrete contains 70% macro and micro pores. With the Oxydtron admixture this proportion turns around and changes. 3% macro and 97% micro pores appear which is perfect concerning watertightness and chemical resistance. The molecules appearing this way coming close to balance do not require more energy (water) for the process and become more resistant against the destructive affects of acids and alkaloids. On the molecular level the diameter decrease of the pores increases the liquid and gas pressure in the inner pores. This makes the material resistant against the further intrusion of water, gas and electrolytes.


In the Oxydtron concrete provides solution for all the deficiencies and limitations of traditional concrete.


Hydration heat

Concerning the traditional concrete the amount of cement can be used is limited because of the hydration heat (Max: 450 kg) while when using Oxydtron Nanocement the usage of cement can be even 1000 kg. When using Oxydtron concrete the hydration heat evolvement appears as a heatpeak which only lasts for 2 minutes. This attribute makes large mass cementing possible without the concrete being burnt or cracked.


The Oxydtron Nanocement, admixture functions as an activator between the cement and other mineral materials, this results that independently from the components we are not mixing it in % proportions but 10kgs/cubic meter. In case of extreme conditions (below 0c or above 25c) the amount of admixture can be increased by 5kgs in order to speeds up the process.

Minimum amount of mixture time

The mixture time of Oxydtron concrete is minimum 15 minutes, but this includes the time spent in a mixer as well, which should possibly happen on a high number of rotations.


The advantages of the adaptation of Oxydtron materials:

  • The increase of density by 20-25% (in cease of concrete: from 2200 kg/m3 – up to 2500 kg/m³) results higher stability. As a result of cement density and 0.006 mm oxyd coating 100% watertightness manifests in case of: sweet water, salt water and ground-water.
  • The same 0.006mm oxide coating will also lock out sulfur and chlorine solutions from the material.
  • Flexibility will increase by 20-500% (in terms of bending balance when using water bonding will increase by more than: 9 N/mm2 )
  • In case of using C20-25 concrete loadability horizontally will increase by 4 times, horizontally 7 times of traditional concrete.
  • Crack resistance will increase by 60% (in case of dams and bridges very important)
  • Decrease of constriction up to 50%
  • Wateriness up to 9 bars is 100%
  • Freeze resistance up to 350 cycles
  • In case of steel 100% corrosion protection
  • It makes the usge of polimer based materials needless (glass fiber, plasticizer, antifreezer mixtures).

Repairing by oxydtron technology

Interior recovery::

  • Cleansing of planking, walls and casing.
  • Done by spreading or other methods of the specific Oxydtron materials
  • Aftercare





Technically simple solution,
effective and fast executionl


Outer recovery:

  • Foot-path wrecking
  • Digging of working chase
  • Deaquation of working chase
  • Vertical insulation
  • Making of ballast of track
  • Drain tube placement
  • Compression and coverings of a working chase
  • Footh-path recementing

Interior works:

  • dissociation of planking
  • laying a layer of thin concrete
  • injection of the walls with polyamid based material for horizontal
  • bolting or for placing watertight division-plate inside
  • insulating of floor planking, recementing flooring

The expensive and time consuming solutions
are not always effective.

Can you produce
100% water isolation at the cost of 1200FT/M2,
that doesn't corrode and can not be destroyed?

Please take a look at our products.

  • Follow-up water isolating system.
  • Concrete repairment.
  • Fresh concrete program.


In March 2008 The BioEko Tech Ltd. arised in Paks from the inspiration of my polish friend Marek Jan Wypych.

We worked with the Eurokalmatron technologies before. Our years of work spent together lead to establish a company together to represent this amazing technology in Hungary.

The scientific research of eurokalmatron brought amazing results that fascinated us how many sided is the adaptation of this technology. The developments and results led to a new name of the product called: OXYDTRON technology. Building industry can return back to nature after the polymers and can build more lasting buildings and facilities without destroying our environment ensuring a healthier way of life. Even building industry has nanotechnology.